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A beautiful day outside at the Knight Management Center

Stanford GSB Pathfinder Program

Pathfinder is a pilot program for Stanford juniors, seniors, and co-terminal masters students offering Stanford GSB courses designed and taught specifically for undergraduates.

At the GSB, we want to help undergraduates hit the ground running after graduation. Whether you are going to work for a big company, joining a start-up, or just curious about management and organizations, GSB Pathfinder is the program for you.  We hope it will inspire you to change lives, change organizations and change the world.

Key Benefits

Designed by Stanford GSB faculty, this program will give you exposure to practical thinking about organizations, markets, decision-making, and leadership principles.

  • Be inspired. Take elective classes with Stanford GSB faculty.
  • Understand business concepts and current trends in your areas of interest, from entrepreneurship to social impact.
  • Think practically about leadership goals.
  • Learn foundational business principles universal to all industries, functions, and subject areas.


We are excited to offer a broad range of courses in finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, social impact, and economics this year. There are a total of seven courses available in the 2023–24 academic year, and we look forward to offering more in future years.

  • All courses offered will award three units.
  • Some classes may have prerequisites.
  • Class sizes will range from 48 to 72 students, with most classes capped at 60.
  • Grades, schedules, and formats will align with the Stanford calendar and undergraduate policies.
  • Stanford is not offering an undergraduate business major or minor degree.

Who Should Enroll

  • Junior and senior undergraduate students
  • Co-terminal masters students
  • Students in any major who are interested in understanding business concepts and current trends in organizations