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Spring 2024

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  • Organizational Behavior BUSGEN 115 Spring 2024
    • Nir Halevy
    Human thinking is geared toward understanding and mastering social interactions. GSBUG115 explores cognitive, affective, behavioral, social and organizational processes that shape how we manage strategic interactions. The course builds on concepts and research findings from decision theory, behavioral game theory, negotiation research, and other relevant streams of investigation in the ...
  • Accounting BUSGEN 104 Spring 2024
    • Maureen McNichols
    Unlock the language of corporate social responsibility with our course “Metrics and Their Meaning: Interpreting Corporate Environmental and Social Impact Disclosures.” Have you wondered what corporations reveal about their environmental and social policies and performance? Do you want the skills to interpret their disclosures, to understand how companies manage their ...
  • Organizational Behavior BUSGEN 101 Spring 2024
    • Amir Goldberg
    What does the AI revolution mean for the future of work, careers and organizations? The course will start with an overview of leading theories of organizations, all of which were effectively modeled on the 20th century firm. We will then turn to understanding recent developments in machine learning and AI ...