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From Founder to CEO: The Strategic Management of Start Ups and Established Firms

Course Subject: Economics  
Course Code: BUSGEN 105 
Instructor: Garth Saloner
Course Quarter: Fall 2023

This course will begin by examining strategy in established companies. What is strategy? What are the components of good strategies? How is internal and external strategic consistency achieved? Who sets strategy, and how? With answers to these questions in hand, we will turn to how strategy is different in start-ups. How do founders set strategy when the future direction of the company is still uncertain? Finally, we will look briefly at the strategic management of not-for-profit organizations. The course will be taught mainly by the case method, with active class participation. Preparation for each class is essential and students should expect to be “cold called”.

Garth Saloner

Garth Saloner, the Botha-Chan Professor of Economics, served as the ninth dean of Stanford GSB from September 2009 until September 2016.  He is an economist whose intellectual interests span a broad range of applied areas including strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurship. His career has been highlighted by a deep passion for strategy and entrepreneurship and a commitment to educating students to think and act with a comprehensive strategic leadership perspective. His intellectual interests focus on organizational economics, strategic management, competitive strategy, and entrepreneurship. As Stanford GSB dean, he was an innovator in the evolution of management education with the goal of transforming leaders who can change the world.

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